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Projects I started

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will_paginate Ruby library

will_paginate rendering screenshot, Digg-style

A Rails plugin that needs no introduction. Originally by PJ Hyett; rewritten, superpowered and maintained by me.

Endless Tweets user script

Endless Tweets is a user script for Greasemonkey, Greasekit (Safari) or Fluid that enhances the familiar interface of Twitter.com, making it an almost perfect desktop client.

Hanna RDoc template

RDoc is a tool to generate documentation from your code. I’ve created Hanna to be more than just a new RDoc template. It uses Haml, which makes it considerably cleaner than other templates (and therefore easier to maintain), and a much more nicer CSS style.

Contacts Ruby library

I never liked how some sites ask you for your GMail password. Contacts library started as a script to fetch contacts from GMail using delegated authentication. With awesome community contribution, the library has grown to support more features in Google Contact Data API, Yahoo! Address Book API and Windows Live Contacts.

I also contributed to:

Prototype JavaScript library

I’ve been a member of the Prototype Core team and in that time I contributed documentation and code to various modules such as Ajax, Event and Form.

Ruby on Rails framework

The worlds most popular framework, written on top of Ruby language, was created by one person, orchestrated by several core team members, but maintained and expanded by hundreds of contributors. I’m one of those people.

Haml – markup haiku

Haml is the most beautiful template language I’ve worked with. It also serves great for quick creation of small static websites or prototypes. Because I use it so much, over the time I contributed a number of patches that solved bugs, improved unit-tests or added minor features.

Radiant CMS

Radiant is by far the best CMS I’ve ever used. It is an open source content management system designed for small teams. It gives you full control over you content and layouts and asks nothing in return.


Thor, a new kid on the block, aims to be a scripting framework that replaces Rake and Sake. Thor will map command-line arguments to your classes, turning them into re-usable and, optionally, system-wide tasks.

I’ve contributed to option parsing in Thor. I keep my Thor tasks, including the one for GitHub that creates and pushes to a new repository with a single command, in a separate project.